“Fightback” underway after rioting

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the “fightback” is underway after a fourth night of rioting in cities across England.

The riots started on Saturday night in Tottenham, following a peaceful protest by the friends and family of Mark Duggan, who was fatally shot by police last Thursday.

On Monday night London endured the worst disorder it has seen in a generation and on Tuesday night the riots spread to other major cities across England, including Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Salford.

Following a meeting this morning of the government’s Cobra emergency committee Prime Minister David Cameron has said:

“We have seen the worst of Britain, but I also believe we have seen some of the best of Britain – the million people who have signed up on Facebook to support the police, coming together in the clean-up operations.”

This follows 768 arrests having been made by the Metropolitan police whilst clean-up operations have been organised via social media sites and have taken place in communities affected by the riots.

Amidst reports that much of the disorder has been organised via social media and instant messaging services, the public has taken to social media to strongly condemn the violence and to support the police. 

The Facebook group ‘Supporting the Met police against the London rioters’ has 918,135 ‘likes’ and ‘#OperationCupOfTea’ and ‘#riotcleanup’ have been trending on Twitter.

Mr Cameron has said that more arrests will take place as CCTV footage is examined and has strongly condemned the violence, saying earlier today:

“There are pockets of our society that are not just broken, but are frankly sick.

“It is a complete lack of responsibility in parts of our society, people allowed to feel the world owes them something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities and their actions do not have consequences. Well, they do have consequences.”

Three courts in London will stay open overnight tonight in order to deal with the number of people charged and Parliament has been recalled from recess in order for MPs and peers to debate the riots tomorrow.


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