JTC interviews TV presenter and fashion consultant Gok Wan

The Jubilee Time Capsule has interviewed television presenter and fashion consultant Gok Wan.

Gok is best known for his show How to Look Good Naked and is currently working on his newest project Gok Wan’s Clothes Roadshow.

When asked to talk about an important day from the last 60 years Gok chose the 6th August 1991: the day that the World Wide Web was released.

When explaining why he chose this day Gok said: “something huge happened on this day…we found a way of forming a sense of community without having to actually sit next door to each other…on the 6th August 1991 the World Wide Web was released and the internet became our main focus for the future”.

Gok goes on to say the internet has changed the way we look at business, industry and fashion amongst other things and has fundamentally altered the way that future generations will communicate with each other.

To view the interview visit the Jubilee Time Capsule website.


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