JTC launches Commonwealth Community Reporters!

The Jubilee Time Capsule (JTC) has launched the Commonwealth Community Reporters (CCR) programme in conjunction with People’s Voice Media.

Specifically for the JTC, the Royal Commonwealth Society has teamed up with People’s Voice Media, who have been developing Community Reporters in the UK, to offer this opportunity to the broader Commonwealth.  In doing so we hope to discover local stories from across the Commonwealth that will form part of our ‘people’s history’ from the past 60 years.

This exciting initiative will raise interest in community issues, increase conversations between people, emphasize what we have in common, and provide a grass root perspective on local stories.

We’ll be giving reporters lots of support and resources to help develop their reporting skills and every month we’ll profile the best CCR entries on the website. 

What’s more, to kick-start the initiative we’re offering the first two reporters who enter two five-star JTC contributions about their local communities the chance to win an iPod.  Entries must be received by the 10th October and tagged with ‘Community Reporter’.

If you’re interested in becoming a Commonwealth Community Reporter please visit the Jubilee Time Capsule website and download the CCR information pack.   Alternatively email jubilee@thercs.org with ‘Community Reporter’ in the subject box and request further information.


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