High Commissioner for Lesotho talks to the JTC

The Jubilee Time Capsule team recently interviewed HRH Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso of Lesotho; the High Commissioner for Lesotho in the United Kingdom.

When asked to talk about a memorable date for the Jubilee Time Capsule the High Commissioner chose to talk about the day he arrived in the United Kingdom in September 1975. 

The High Commissioner recalls that his first thought of the UK, as he was on the train to York, was that “I wish I could put my father’s cattle and sheep on the green lush fields of the UK”.

The High Commissioner was sent to the UK to attend Ampleforth College in York and in his interview talks about how a friendship that he made at the College led, years later, to him striking up a relationship with HRH Prince Harry in 2004. 

Because of this friendship Prince Harry visited Lesotho on his Gap Year in 2004, and later in 2006 the High Commissioner and Prince Harry established Sentebale; a charity that looks after the orphans and vulnerable children of Lesotho.

To watch the interview visit the Jubilee Time Capsule website. 


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