October’s Entry of the Month by Judge Olusola Bamidele George

October’s Judges’ entry of the month as nominated by judge Olusola Bamidele George: 14th Nov 2010: The Day Sebastian Vettel won his first Formula 1 World Championship by Aleysa John

You may not be aware of it, but the Jubilee Time Capsule has a team that expands across the Commonwealth, far beyond its headquarters here in London.  Aside from our SuperSchools and our Community Reporters we have a team of a hard-working judges spread across the Commonwealth, helping us to moderate JTC content and highlight any extra-special entries.

Each month we’re asking our judges to nominate their favourite entries for the title of ‘Judges’ entry of the month’.  October’s entry of the month was chosen by judge Olusola Bamidele George from Nigeria. 

Olusola is a Program Director at the African Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation and moderates JTC entries alongside his work there. Having chosen October’s entry of the month we asked Olusola a few questions.

How did you get involved with the RCS?

“I got involved with the RCS after reading through the programme activities on the RCS website, as some of the RCS activities are youth-friendly, educative and informative, for example, the young Commonwealth Competitions which are aimed at nurturing the creative talents of young people around the Commonwealth through a range of competitions.  They caught my attention and share same objectives with our organization’s activities and objectives.”

Why do you like judging for the Jubilee Time Capsule?

“I volunteered to serve as judge for the JTC project because of its importance and the educative aspect of the programme as it highlights the Commonwealth events of the past 60 years across the globe.”

Why did you nominate The Day Sebastian Vettel Won his First  Formula 1 World Championship  as the October judge’s entry of the month?

” “Sebastian Vettel, you are the World Champion” – he won his first Formula One World Championship on the premise of self determination; he has the will to succeed, works  hard, putting his heart and soul in whatever he does, and believes in himself. These are the good attributes every young person should covet and Sebastian Vettel really has all of them.  This helped him eventually win his first Formula One World Championship amidst four other contestants.”

To see Aleysa’s entry, as chosen by Olusola, click here.

Judge Olusola Bamidele.


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