December is Celebration Month in the JTC

For the month of December we’re going to be focussing on ‘celebrations’ in the Jubilee Time Capsule.  We’ll be showcasing entries we’ve already received and asking for your celebration stories!

Do you remember celebrating a special birthday?  Have you celebrated a national day?  Been involved in a Carnival?  Or celebrated a religious festival?

Do you remember celebrating the year 2000?  What about HM The Queen’s Silver or Golden Jubilee, or even Her Coronation? Do you have photos of your graduation?  Or have you attended a really fantastic wedding?

We want to develop our celebrations collection and we’re asking you to contribute your memories of celebrations to help us build a picture of how different occasions are celebrated across the Commonwealth.

Celebration entries already in the JTC include the Dean of Westminster talking about the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 2011, Shruti Trivedi remembering celebrating Holi (the Hindu festival of colour) in India in March 2008 and photos from the Manchester Archives and Local Studies of the street parties held in June 1953 to celebrate HM The Queen’s Coronation.

What celebration will you remember for the JTC?


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