Launching the JTC Gallery – have you cast your vote?!

Jubilee Time Capsule Gallery

JTC Gallery

At the start of April we launched the JTC Gallery, enabling the public to really get the most out of JTC content, and allowing them to vote on their favourites entries.  

Designed by our technology partner Capsool, the Jubilee Time Capsule (JTC) Gallery is set across a number of virtual levels and allows the public to visit the different decades of The Queen’s reign, taking in thematic collections submitted by users.

As well as exploring content in a visually stimulating way, the public can now ‘like’ their favourite entries. The 60 most popular entries will form the People’s Choice collection, which alongside the Diamond (re)Collection will be presented to The Queen later in 2012.

These exciting developments let users tell us what their favourite stories from the past 60 years are, and shape what content will make it to Buckingham Palace at the end of the year.

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4 thoughts on “Launching the JTC Gallery – have you cast your vote?!

  1. Question: my contribution has been approved in the JTC, but I can’t seem to find what rating it’s been given. I’m curious to know – is there any way of working this out without scrolling through entries in their rating classifications one-by-one? Thanks. 🙂

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