Burning Blue: Diamond Jubilee pound-a-pixel charity challenge

Burning Blue: Diamond Jubilee pound-a-pixel charity challenge

A recent JTC entry by Caroline Barnard brought the Burning Blue pound-a-pixel charity challenge to our attention.

Caroline’s JTC entry ‘The Queen’s Household in Kenya’ is dated 7th February 1952 and is about the journey made by her late father, an RAF pilot, to Kenya to bring the Royal Household back to the UK following the death of King George VI.

Caroline’s father was a member of the XXIV Squadron, which was called ‘the Commonwealth Squadron’ at the time and often got assigned VIP flights.

The entry includes an image of the log book recording the details of the flight. Caroline explains in her entry that they are selling the image of the log book, pixel by pixel, to raise money for charity. Once the sale is complete the ownership of the log book will transfer to the RAF Museum.

The money raised by the pixel sale will go to the World Food Programme, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Force Museum and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

To find out more about the Burning Blue project click here and to buy a pixel click here.


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