Guest Post by Maail Afaal

Maail is a Year 10 student from Cambridgeshire currently completing two weeks work experience with the Royal Commonwealth Society. In this blog post Maail shares his thoughts on the Jubilee Time Capsule and three of his favourite entries. 

I think the JTC project is a very inspirational project being carried out by the Royal Commonwealth Society and National Express because it show the countless memories and experiences we have treasure throughout the sixty years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to this I believe this project explores countless different stories which has helped structure the states of the Commonwealth and the two billion people who populate its countries. Furthermore I view the JTC as a flagship and a legacy of the Diamond Jubilee and the years of contribution the people of the Commonwealth have shown to The Queen.

In the JTC the three entries that really stood out to me were…

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary A Tribute – by Ruth Kezia Hope Muthu (Malaysia)

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary – A Tribute – by Ruth Keiza Hope Muthu

What made me choose this piece as one of my favourites from the JTC was that it was unique and the text expressed a sentimental view towards The Queen. In this entry Ruth has created a tribute for Her Majesty the queen.

Ruth quotes Who can find a virtuous women? For her price is far above rubiesand afterwards writes “Something special made especially for a special person”. This showed me that people still see the glorious reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and they value the time and commitment she has shown to us over the past sixty years.

 The Day I Met My Hero – by Mohammed Haaish (Maldives)

The Former President of Maldives

The Day I Met My Hero – by Mohammed Haaish

I chose this piece because I am from the Maldives and because I too find the former president Mohammed Nasheed, who previously campaigned for human rights in the Maldives, an iconic figure.

Furthermore I believe this post on the JTC shows just how many driven individuals have made a change to countries and other areas within the Commonwealth in the past sixty years.

Independence of a Nation – by Nicholas Lee (Singapore)

Singapore Independence

Independence of a Nation – by Nicholas Lee

The final piece I have chosen shows the independence of Singapore in 1955 as they first held their general elections. This piece shows one view of the independence of Singapore.

Furthermore it shows that although they received independence from the British Empire they still show acknowledgement of their country’s roots and how the treaty signed by them with the British in the 19th century had eventually brought the country to its current stature.

Something I would post:

If I were to write an entry for the JTC it would be about the day Maldives was introduced to democracy, because until four years ago we were under dictatorship and we weren’t able to address our own political views.

Moreover when we received the opportunity to express our political views and the power to vote I saw the nation unite and speak as one and seize political corruption.

All in all I think the JTC will be, when completed, a project which will reserve a diverse collection of memories of the people of the Commonwealth.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post by Maail Afaal

  1. The first entry chosen by Maail is really good because I was the one who submitted that!!
    Really happy that someone has posted about my entry in this blog!:)

    Thank You Mr. Maail

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