Jubilee Time Capsule closed for submissions!

The Jubilee Time Capsule closed for submissions on 30th September 2012.

We have been overwhelmed with the thousands of fantastic entries we’ve received from across the Commonwealth. From stories of school days to stories of independence days, and from memories of the Coronation to memories of the Royal Wedding, a very colourful and complex history of the last 60 years has emerged.

A special panel of judges is now busy curating the Diamond (re)Collection and we will announce which entries will be presented to The Queen very soon

The Diamond (re)Collection is the 60 very best Jubilee Time Capsule entries, hand-picked by our distinguished panel judges and curated into a special collection for Her Majesty The Queen, the collection will later be gifted to the Royal Collection.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed – we couldn’t have done it without you. Please do continue to explore the content in our interactive Gallery and see what you can learn!


2 thoughts on “Jubilee Time Capsule closed for submissions!

  1. Are the entries displayed as “some of the best entries” a part of the (Re)Collection that will be presented to The Queen later this year ?

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