The Jubilee Time Capsule is a way for people to share their memories of the last 60 years and help create a unique gift for The Queen this Diamond Jubilee year.

It is online time capsule that will chart the 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign from the people’s perspective and will be gifted to The Queen following the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

We are inviting people from across the globe to select one of the 22,000+ days in the time capsule and share their story of that day; be it a memory of a family wedding in Australia last year, or memories of Ghana’s Independence Day in 1957.

Taking part is easy: simply visit www.jubileetimecapsule.org, sign up, pick your date and tell your story. 

What story will you share?!

 About The Royal Commonwealth Society

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) is an education charity with a wide portfolio of projects which seek to engage young people in global affairs and develop their skills through a number of different schemes.

The RCS has a strong relationship with schools, a branch network across the UK and the world, a Royal Charter and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as patron. See here for more on the society: www.thercs.org

For over a century, the RCS has communicated with schools, universities and young people to engage them in issues and to develop their skills in leadership, writing, film making, photography, advocacy, public speaking, political literacy, communication and volunteering. The vision of the RCS is to promote international understanding through our membership, educational programmes, events and publications, thereby helping to raise the profile and value of the modern Commonwealth.


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