Just 2 Months to Go Until The JTC Closes!

There are exactly two months to go until the Jubilee Time Capsule closes on September 30th! We have 16,770 days to fill and we need you to help us fill as many of them as possible! Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister runs the mile in under 4 minutes – something that was thought to be impossible!

May 6, 1954: Roger Bannister runs the mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds, becoming the first person to ever run a mile in under 4 minutes! What record-breaking events have you witnessed? Did you watch Roger Bannister carry the Olympic Torch in Oxford this summer?

The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year!

July 12, 1962: Here’s one for rock fans – the Rolling Stones played their first show ever on this date. This year marks their 50th anniversary! Just one year later, The Beatles released their debut album. Do you remember when these rock legends broke onto the scene? Has anyone you know ever seen them live?

Marc Garneau became the first Canadian in space!

October 5, 1984: Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space. Do you remember the first time someone from your country went into space? Have you watched other space launches?

Expo 88 Center in Brisbane

Expo 88 opens in Brisbane, Australia.

April 30, 1988: World Expo ’88 opened in Brisbane Australia. The Expo was also part of the bicentennial celebrations of Europeans arriving in Australia. Do you remember this great year for Australia? Have you ever been to a World’s Fair?

These are just a few of the days we want to fill in our timeline but there are so many more great events we’d love to hear about! Maybe you’ve shared your memories with us but what about your parents’ and grandparents’ memories? What historical events are most important to you? Share memories to help us fill in our Jubilee Time Capsule timeline!


The Grenada Olympic Team Arrive in London!

Grenada Team Arrives for the Olympics

The Grenada Olympic Team has arrived for the London 2012 Olympics!

The athletes (and tourists) have started rolling into London for the fast-approaching London 2012 Olympics and the High Commission of Grenada told the Jubilee Time Capsule about their athletes’ time in the run up to the Olympics. While we enjoy the build up to the big event, the Grenadian team has been hard at work, training in West Sussex. Grenadian athletes will be put to the test in several Athletics events as well as Swimming and Taekwondo. We wish them and all the Olympic athletes the best of luck over the next few weeks! See what the Grenadian team has been up to during their time in London and share your special memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule!

JTC reveals Brits’ most memorable moments of the last 60 years

Manchester Coronation Street Party, Manchester Archives

We have received entries from over 16,000 Brits so far in the Jubilee Time Capsule and from those entries, we have compiled a list of Brits’ most memorable days of the last 60 years. From the moon landing to the death of Princess Diana, the diverse range of events reflects not just a British focus, but also a global one.

 Moment # 10: The Indian Ocean Tsunami 26/12/2004

This event had a direct impact on the Commonwealth as several Commonwealth countries were particularly affected by this tragedy on Boxing Day 2004. Its place in a list of Brits’ most remembered moments reflects the links the British feel with their Commonwealth neighbors. See this entry from Chariclea Constanti about her interview with a tsunami survivor.

 Moment # 9: The Death of Princess Diana 31/08/1997

One of the most memorable events for Brits in the last 60 years is the death of Princess Diana. The British have always viewed the Royal Family as a symbol of the nation and the untimely death of Princess Diana was both tragic and shocking for Brits, many of whom viewed her as a role model. Marlene Duncalf calls this ‘her most vivid memory’. 

Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales

Moment #8: The Moon Landing 20/07/1969

Undeniably the most far-reaching memory in the time capsule, the first men landing on the moon resonated around the world. The world waited with bated breath to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take the first step onto the moon. As an iconic moment in human history, this moment’s place in our countdown is very special. Alex Rogers interviewed his father about watching the moon landing as his submission to the Jubilee Time Capsule.

Moon Landing

Moon Landing

Moment #7: The Silver Jubilee June 1977

In this year of the Diamond Jubilee, it seems the British are excited to recall past Jubilees and how they celebrated then compared to now. It seems bunting and street parties are an absolute must! Check out these great entries from Florence Allard and Sophie Lewis about the Silver Jubilee.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations in Manchester

Silver Jubilee Celebrations in Manchester, Manchester Archives

 Moment #6: Commonwealth Day Observance 12/03/2012

The RCS has organised the Commonwealth Day Observance since 1966, first in St Martin in the Fields and now in Westminster Abbey. Our 2012 Observance was very memorable for all the attendees from all over the Commonwealth and Britain. With performances from Rufus Wainwright, Hugh Masekela and Laura Wright, as well as a speech from Her Majesty The Queen, it was indeed a day to remember. Aaliyah Girvan, from All Saints Bootle, gives a great account of her Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey.

Pupils from All Saints School at the Commonwealth Day Observance

Pupils from All Saints School at the Commonwealth Day Observance

Moment #5: 1966 World Cup Final 30/07/1966

England hasn’t had the best luck in football in the last 50+ years – and we certainly haven’t forgotten about it. England’s first (and only) World Cup victory came in 1966 and people of all ages throughout have made sure that their biggest football success is remembered as one of the most important memories of the last 60 years. This entry from Sammy Yates is a great account of the English pride in that victory.

England lift the World Cup

England lift the World Cup

Moment #4: September 11th 11/09/2001

As one of the defining moments of a generation, September 11th’s position on this list shows what an effect the tragedy had on the world, not just the United States. As Britain and the US have always enjoyed a close relationship, it is not surprising that this moment is one of the most memorable days of the last 60 years for Brits. Mark Backhouse’s memory of the day mirrors the response of people all over Britain and the world.

 Moment #3: Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant 03/06/2012

The British definitely know how to do a celebration in style and the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant was no exception. Despite the rain, which we have to say here in Britain more often than we’d like, the Thames Pageant was one of the most spectacular and unforgettable celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee. Isobel Lane remembers watching the River Pageant with her family on the banks of the Thames.

Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, Jane Cross

Moment #2: The Coronation 02/06/1953

Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation is another example of some very memorable British pageantry! Such a huge celebration, one that has been recalled to recent memory during the Diamond Jubilee, is not likely to ever be forgotten as Her Majesty continues to oversee some of the most important moment in history. Zoe Simpson submitted her grandmother’s memories of being at the Coronation and the excitement in the London crowds!

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Moment #1: The Royal Wedding 29/04/2011

The wedding of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton drew in a massive global audience and gave the world a look at a real-life fairytale. With over 30 million television viewers in the UK, it is easy to see why the Royal Wedding is the most memorable date in the JTC history. With so many entries it was impossible for us to pick just ONE great entry for this moment so take a look at all the entries for this date!

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

Which of our Top 10 Most Memorable Moments for Brits do you remember most? Did your most important moment of the last 60 years make it on our list? We want to know what memories are the most important to YOU so share them with us in the Jubilee Time Capsule!

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg enters the JTC!

Nick Clegg MP - part of a shifting cast of politicians.

Nick Clegg MP shares his thoughts on meeting HM the Queen for the first time.

We are excited to announce that Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats has entered the JTC in tribute to HM the Queen.

He remembers meeting The Queen for the first time and how she immediately put him at ease. Mr. Clegg also puts his own position in perspective as one of ‘the shifting cast of politicians’ who have presented themselves to The Queen over the past 60 years.

Listen to Nick Clegg’s entry here to hear more of his thoughts about The Queen and submit your own memories to the Jubilee Time Capsule!

Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, shares his special memory with the Jubilee Time Capsule!

Ed Miliband remembers a Privy Council Meeting with The Queen

Ed Miliband remembers a ‘dim’ Privy Council Meeting with The Queen.

We are pleased to announce that Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, has entered his special memory to the Jubilee Time Capsule!

In his video entry, Ed Miliband recalls a humorous Privy Council meeting with The Queen where she remarked on the “dim” energy-saving light bulbs that had recently been installed. As the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, he felt partially responsible for the lighting.

Watch Ed Miliband’s entry here and submit your own special memories to the Jubilee Time Capsule!

It’s the Summer of Sport!

This summer is turning out to be the ‘Summer of Sport’ with major sporting events taking place all over the world in all different sports. We at the JTC are currently going sports-mad and can’t get enough! With Euro 2012,Wimbledon, ICC World Twenty20, ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup, Formula One, Rugby Summer Tours and last but by no means least – the London 2012 Olympics – we won’t have to do without sport for a single day this summer.

The Jubilee Time Capsule has an entire Sports Gallery full of fantastic sports-related memories from primary school football matches to World Cups. These are some of our favourite sports entries in celebration of the Summer of Sport:

South Africa World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa was a landmark event for both South Africa and the whole African continent.

While we here in England haven’t experienced the joy of hosting or winning a World Cup since 1966 (sore subject), one of the Commonwealth family hosted it just 2 years ago. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was a landmark sporting event as it was the first World Cup hosted by an African nation. Lungile Ntuli from South Africa submitted her entry about the legacy of the World Cup inSouth Africa and its symbolic significance.

1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne Australia

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne were Australia’s first time hosting and the first during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign!

This summer marks one of the most anticipated sporting events – the London 2012 Olympics. The first Olympic Games during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign were held in Melbourne in 1956. Alison Vile has submitted her memories of moving to Melbourne in 1956 and attending Olympic events as part of a school group (We bet a lot of schoolchildren wish that were the case this summer!)

India Win the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup!

India defeat Sri Lanka in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Final!

We would venture a guess that cricket is the most competitive Commonwealth sport. This summer will see the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in Australia. We have loads of great entries about exciting cricket matches and we particularly like this entry from Ananya Sivaraman about their home nation, India, taking home top honours at the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup!

The Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team aim for the London 2012 Olympics

The Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team aim to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics.

While we have some fantastic entries from people who watch their favourite athletes compete – we also have fantastic entries from the athletes themselves! We have received inspiring entries from Parathletes Oscar Pistorious and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson as well as Olympic hopefuls – the Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team!

Sports are one of the best ways citizens of the Commonwealth can come together, whether it’s watching a match, supporting the same team or actually playing sports together – sports are important in every Commonwealth nation. For our Summer of Sport, we would love to see all of YOUR sports memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule!

Guest Post by Maail Afaal

Maail is a Year 10 student from Cambridgeshire currently completing two weeks work experience with the Royal Commonwealth Society. In this blog post Maail shares his thoughts on the Jubilee Time Capsule and three of his favourite entries. 

I think the JTC project is a very inspirational project being carried out by the Royal Commonwealth Society and National Express because it show the countless memories and experiences we have treasure throughout the sixty years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to this I believe this project explores countless different stories which has helped structure the states of the Commonwealth and the two billion people who populate its countries. Furthermore I view the JTC as a flagship and a legacy of the Diamond Jubilee and the years of contribution the people of the Commonwealth have shown to The Queen.

In the JTC the three entries that really stood out to me were…

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary A Tribute – by Ruth Kezia Hope Muthu (Malaysia)

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary – A Tribute – by Ruth Keiza Hope Muthu

What made me choose this piece as one of my favourites from the JTC was that it was unique and the text expressed a sentimental view towards The Queen. In this entry Ruth has created a tribute for Her Majesty the queen.

Ruth quotes Who can find a virtuous women? For her price is far above rubiesand afterwards writes “Something special made especially for a special person”. This showed me that people still see the glorious reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and they value the time and commitment she has shown to us over the past sixty years.

 The Day I Met My Hero – by Mohammed Haaish (Maldives)

The Former President of Maldives

The Day I Met My Hero – by Mohammed Haaish

I chose this piece because I am from the Maldives and because I too find the former president Mohammed Nasheed, who previously campaigned for human rights in the Maldives, an iconic figure.

Furthermore I believe this post on the JTC shows just how many driven individuals have made a change to countries and other areas within the Commonwealth in the past sixty years.

Independence of a Nation – by Nicholas Lee (Singapore)

Singapore Independence

Independence of a Nation – by Nicholas Lee

The final piece I have chosen shows the independence of Singapore in 1955 as they first held their general elections. This piece shows one view of the independence of Singapore.

Furthermore it shows that although they received independence from the British Empire they still show acknowledgement of their country’s roots and how the treaty signed by them with the British in the 19th century had eventually brought the country to its current stature.

Something I would post:

If I were to write an entry for the JTC it would be about the day Maldives was introduced to democracy, because until four years ago we were under dictatorship and we weren’t able to address our own political views.

Moreover when we received the opportunity to express our political views and the power to vote I saw the nation unite and speak as one and seize political corruption.

All in all I think the JTC will be, when completed, a project which will reserve a diverse collection of memories of the people of the Commonwealth.