The London 2012 Olympics Close With A Party!

Closing Ceremony London 2012

Fireworks light up the Olympic Stadium and close out the London 2012 Olympic Games

17 days of London 2012 Olympic events closed yesterday with a celebration of British pop music through the past several decades. From the Spice Girls to Annie Lennox to a video tribute to John Lennon, a wide variety of music genres and legends were honoured during the celebration. The pageantry and showmanship were undeniably British and will surely not be forgotten. Looking back we tried to come up with some of our favourite memories of these Olympics and after some debate here are just a few of the moments we came up with:

Chad Le Clos of South Africa beating Michael Phelps in the 200m Butterfly by .05 seconds!

Kirani James taking home Grenada’s first EVER Olympic medal – which just happened to be gold in the Men’s 400m.

Stephen Kiprotich winning the Men’s Marathon and Uganda’s first gold medal since 1972!

The Canadian Women’s Football Team coming back from a heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals to win a historic bronze medal.

Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar became the first Indian athlete to take home a medal in successive games!

Sally Pearson reacted fantastically to winning gold for Australia in the women’s Hurdles and her celebration was a defining image of the Games.

These are just a few of the moments we loved from London 2012 but there were so many more to choose from!

While we’re disappointed that the Games are over, we are definitely looking forward to the Paralympic Games in a few weeks time! In the meantime, we would love to see your best memories from London 2012! What events had you on the edge of your seat? Did any winners surprise you? Tell us about your favourite Olympic memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule!


Sir Malcolm Rifkind remembers taking part in the first COMEX

The Jubilee Time Capsule team recently interviewed Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP.  Sir Malcolm is a British Member of Parliament and former British Foreign Secretary.  He is also a member of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group (EPG).

When asked to pick a memorable moment Sir Malcolm chose to talk about 31st July 1965, the day the first COMEX (Commonwealth Expedition) set off for India, and the date of his first association with the Commonwealth.

The expedition, designed to bring students together from across the Commonwealth, set off from London and travelled through the Middle East, to Pakistan and across the border to India where they met up with 200 Indian students.  Sir Malcolm recalls that the group of British students then had to stay in India for longer than expected, as shortly after they crossed the border war broke out between the two countries, meaning that they could not drive back the way they had come.

Sir Malcolm goes on to talk about the insight that COMEX gave him into the Commonwealth and his subsequent understanding of the significance of the association.

To watch Sir Malcolm’s interview click here.