Remembering: the Bicentennial of the Abolition of the Slave Trade

William Hague

William Hague speaks on the abolition of slavery

Today is the international day of Slavery Remembrance, which William Hague has marked out as one of the most memorable days in British history with his entry to the JTC. He remembers 25th March, 2007- the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery and a day which changed the moral fibre of our country forever.

In his entry he talks about William Wilberforce, the British philanthropist who battled to abolish the slave trade for 26 years before the Slave Trade Act of 1807 was finally passed, and slavery was officially abolished in Britain. He also remembers the famous slave, Olaudah Equiano, whose best-selling accounts of his own life and the barbarity of the slave trade, played a big role in stirring public feelings of anti-slave trade sentiment.

“Today, human-slavery reaches across every continent and culture…” – William Hague.

In his entry William Hague points to the abolition of the slave trade as a moment in history which we can take courage from. He draws attention to the 800,000 people who are estimated to be trafficked across international borders each year, and the ongoing battle which needs to be fought against modern slavery.

You can see his entry by clicking here.


The London 2012 Olympics Close With A Party!

Closing Ceremony London 2012

Fireworks light up the Olympic Stadium and close out the London 2012 Olympic Games

17 days of London 2012 Olympic events closed yesterday with a celebration of British pop music through the past several decades. From the Spice Girls to Annie Lennox to a video tribute to John Lennon, a wide variety of music genres and legends were honoured during the celebration. The pageantry and showmanship were undeniably British and will surely not be forgotten. Looking back we tried to come up with some of our favourite memories of these Olympics and after some debate here are just a few of the moments we came up with:

Chad Le Clos of South Africa beating Michael Phelps in the 200m Butterfly by .05 seconds!

Kirani James taking home Grenada’s first EVER Olympic medal – which just happened to be gold in the Men’s 400m.

Stephen Kiprotich winning the Men’s Marathon and Uganda’s first gold medal since 1972!

The Canadian Women’s Football Team coming back from a heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals to win a historic bronze medal.

Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar became the first Indian athlete to take home a medal in successive games!

Sally Pearson reacted fantastically to winning gold for Australia in the women’s Hurdles and her celebration was a defining image of the Games.

These are just a few of the moments we loved from London 2012 but there were so many more to choose from!

While we’re disappointed that the Games are over, we are definitely looking forward to the Paralympic Games in a few weeks time! In the meantime, we would love to see your best memories from London 2012! What events had you on the edge of your seat? Did any winners surprise you? Tell us about your favourite Olympic memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule!

It’s the Summer of Sport!

This summer is turning out to be the ‘Summer of Sport’ with major sporting events taking place all over the world in all different sports. We at the JTC are currently going sports-mad and can’t get enough! With Euro 2012,Wimbledon, ICC World Twenty20, ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup, Formula One, Rugby Summer Tours and last but by no means least – the London 2012 Olympics – we won’t have to do without sport for a single day this summer.

The Jubilee Time Capsule has an entire Sports Gallery full of fantastic sports-related memories from primary school football matches to World Cups. These are some of our favourite sports entries in celebration of the Summer of Sport:

South Africa World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa was a landmark event for both South Africa and the whole African continent.

While we here in England haven’t experienced the joy of hosting or winning a World Cup since 1966 (sore subject), one of the Commonwealth family hosted it just 2 years ago. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was a landmark sporting event as it was the first World Cup hosted by an African nation. Lungile Ntuli from South Africa submitted her entry about the legacy of the World Cup inSouth Africa and its symbolic significance.

1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne Australia

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne were Australia’s first time hosting and the first during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign!

This summer marks one of the most anticipated sporting events – the London 2012 Olympics. The first Olympic Games during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign were held in Melbourne in 1956. Alison Vile has submitted her memories of moving to Melbourne in 1956 and attending Olympic events as part of a school group (We bet a lot of schoolchildren wish that were the case this summer!)

India Win the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup!

India defeat Sri Lanka in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Final!

We would venture a guess that cricket is the most competitive Commonwealth sport. This summer will see the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in Australia. We have loads of great entries about exciting cricket matches and we particularly like this entry from Ananya Sivaraman about their home nation, India, taking home top honours at the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup!

The Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team aim for the London 2012 Olympics

The Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team aim to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics.

While we have some fantastic entries from people who watch their favourite athletes compete – we also have fantastic entries from the athletes themselves! We have received inspiring entries from Parathletes Oscar Pistorious and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson as well as Olympic hopefuls – the Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team!

Sports are one of the best ways citizens of the Commonwealth can come together, whether it’s watching a match, supporting the same team or actually playing sports together – sports are important in every Commonwealth nation. For our Summer of Sport, we would love to see all of YOUR sports memories on the Jubilee Time Capsule!

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in the Jubilee Time Capsule!

After a busy (and wet) Diamond Jubilee Weekend – we’ve rounded up some of the best JTC entries about the Jubilee!


Offwell Primary School in East Devon, England celebrated with a Balloon Launch!

Offwell Church of England Primary School in East Devon, England kicked off the Jubilee Weekend with a Grand Jubilee Balloon Launch! Each balloon had a special message for HM The Queen attached and copies of the messages were posted to Her Majesty just in case some of the balloons didn’t reach Buckingham Palace.


Nigeria celebrated the Jubilee with a Big Lunch and a Jubilee Dance

Schools and communities all over the Commonwealth hosted Big Lunches to bring people together to celebrate the Jubilee. Nigeria hosted a Big Lunch that included a Big Jubilee Lunch Dance! They also had an impressive spread of food and drink to keep up their energy for all the dancing!


Jane Cross watched the River Pageant from the Houses of Parliament

The main event Sunday – after lunch – was the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant where, in true British fashion, it rained for the whole day… Jane Cross watched the River Pageant from a room in the Houses of Parliament, where she captured some really great photos, which you can see here.


Riley Kernaghan watched the Pageant in the middle of the night in Australia

You didn’t have to be in London to enjoy the River Pageant, however, and Riley Kernaghan watched in the middle of the night from Australia! It appears the importance of bunting to a great celebration is not lost on the Commonwealth…


Lousia Decker waited for 4 hours to capture this image of the Royal Family!

The weekend wrapped up with a Royal Procession through the streets of London to Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family made a balcony appearance and The Queen was honoured by a flyover by aircraft of the last 60 years. Lousia Cocksedge waited for 4 hours to see the Royal Family in their carriages and was not disappointed! Check out her great photos from the grand finale of the Jubilee Weekend!

If you haven’t uploaded your Jubilee memories yet you can do so here. Due to popular demand – we’ve extended the closing date of the Jubilee Time Capsule to 30 September, 2012 so there is plenty of time left to share your memories!

December is Celebration Month in the JTC

For the month of December we’re going to be focussing on ‘celebrations’ in the Jubilee Time Capsule.  We’ll be showcasing entries we’ve already received and asking for your celebration stories!

Do you remember celebrating a special birthday?  Have you celebrated a national day?  Been involved in a Carnival?  Or celebrated a religious festival?

Do you remember celebrating the year 2000?  What about HM The Queen’s Silver or Golden Jubilee, or even Her Coronation? Do you have photos of your graduation?  Or have you attended a really fantastic wedding?

We want to develop our celebrations collection and we’re asking you to contribute your memories of celebrations to help us build a picture of how different occasions are celebrated across the Commonwealth.

Celebration entries already in the JTC include the Dean of Westminster talking about the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 2011, Shruti Trivedi remembering celebrating Holi (the Hindu festival of colour) in India in March 2008 and photos from the Manchester Archives and Local Studies of the street parties held in June 1953 to celebrate HM The Queen’s Coronation.

What celebration will you remember for the JTC?

JTC interviews Abdul-Rehman Malik









The JTC recently interviewed Abdul-Rehman Malik, former contributing editor of Q-news and current programmes manager at Radical Middle Way. 

In his interview Abdul talks about his memorable moment: the birth of his son on the 5th February 2011 in London, UK.  Abdul explains how his family history makes him feel as though he is acitizen of the world” and how his son being born in London is part of “this international story…a story of migration and immigration”.

To watch the interview in full please visit the Jubilee Time Capsule website.


JTC winner meets Her Majesty the Queen

Every year, the RCS orgnises the Commonwealth Day Oberservance  in Westminster Abbey. This year, Gabrielle McGuinness won a the top prize in a mini JTC competition to present Her Majesty’s bouquet at the Abbey! Her entry was about her mum’s emigration to Guyana in 1969.